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Healthier Takeaway Options When You Are In No Mood for Cooking

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Healthier Takeaway Options When You Are In No Mood for Cooking

It doesn’t matter if you can’t cook or you don’t want to cook. Trust me there will be days when even the idea of cooking is too much to bear. Your hectic life and busy social calendar tempt you to plunge into unhealthy high-calorie food options and forget about healthy eating. You might not want to cook for a number of reasons like you don’t know what to cook or you don’t want to go to the grocery store that day or you are too tired to cook or maybe you don’t want to clean the messy kitchen.

The only answer to all your problems is ordering a Takeaway. But your determination of sticking to a healthier diet and exercise regime may pose as an obstacle and depress you further. The good news is that whilst you shouldn’t indulge too often, you can still enjoy a takeaway as occasional treats as every takeaway joint offer healthier food options in their menu.

Things to keep in mind when you are ordering a Takeaway

      • IndianIndian  When you are browsing Indian food options try to avoid deep-fried starters such as bhaji and steer yourself away from creamy curries. You can choose tomato based sauces and tandoori items as they are low-calorie food options. Order a plain rice or chapati instead of oily main dishes or flour containing Naan.
      • BurgersBurgers If you have a burger craving at the middle of the night stay away from cheese, mayonnaise and battered or breaded chicken burger. A single beef burger or chicken breast burger with extra salad is high in protein and is also nutrient rich.
      • Chinese ChineseChoose a Chinese takeaway which serves MSG-free food and avoids anything deep fried or crispy on the menu. Battered chicken or pork, spring rolls, prawn toast and prawn crackers contain a high level of fat. Choose soups or dumplings or stir fried items that have plenty of fresh vegetables.
      • Fish and ChipsFish-and-Chips I am sure this one is a favorite of all food lovers but it contains a high amount of fat. But the good news is, you can have it and still maintain your small waistline. Consume a few chips and ask them not to add salt. You can add salt according to your taste at home. Avoid eating the batter surrounding the fish as it has high calories. If possible, ask for grilled fish, and order some mushy peas or baked beans.
      • Pizza Pizza Are you extremely fond of pizza? Then choose low-fat toppings to check your calorie intake. Tuna, prawns, ham, and plenty of vegetables are the best options. Increase your vegetable intake by adding a colorful vegetable like peppers, red onions, and sweet corn. Avoid garlic bread and deep-pan based pizzas.

Make it a point to choose the healthier options for your takeaway meals over the fatty ones. This will not only ensure you are enjoying a great taste but, it can also be included as a part of your healthy balanced diet as well.

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