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The HYPOXI Studio
North Adelaide Story

We believe that an active lifestyle and a balanced diet are crucial to general health as well as wellbeing. With HYPOXI, you get the opportunity to target fat at stomachs, hips, waist, legs and buttocks. We understand your health and fitness needs in Adelaide and the frustration of having stubborn fat that simply refuses to budge.

HYPOXI has helped a large number of men and women achieve weight loss goals. We aim to give the world a better, smarter way to overcome your body insecurities. Targeted fat loss in Adelaide is easy with HYPOXI.

At HYPOXI, we understand how eager you are to get rid of the stubborn fat deposits on your body. This differs from one individual to another and for men and women. We treat the stubborn areas, helping with fat loss, improve skin appearance and facilitate cellulite reduction in Adelaide.



The HYPOXI Studio
North Adelaide Story

My name is Rasha and I would like to share my experience with HYPOXI. First of all I’m not an overweight girl however I have few specific areas that I do not like in my body. As I’m preparing for my wedding I decided to give hypoxi a go as I tried many exercises and different equipments in the past but I never got the results and the body that I ever wanted. Overall, I did 12 sessions over a month and I lost 26 cm in total ( amazing !). My body ( specifically my legs) looks so much better than before after losing all these centimetres and the cellulite which made my skin more toned. Thank you James for helping me achieve my goals and I’m finally ready for my wedding.



HYPOXI – the modern, low-impact exercise technology with quick, targeted results

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