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Some Unmissable Facts About Targeted Fat Loss You Need To Know

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Some Unmissable Facts About Targeted Fat Loss You Need To Know

From fitness magazines, televisions, online portals, sports magazines to DVDs and all other places – you may have seen the advertisements and promotions on targeted fat loss or spot reduction several times a day. What do these advertisements show us actually? Where one workout can make your thighs thin, another workout can slim your mid-section. This supplement is supposed to get rid of the extra pounds and that food can keep your body in perfect shape.

But, how much of these advertisements and claims are real? Is targeted weight loss actually possible to remove the pile of extra fat from our body?

The answer is NO, and also YES! Have a look at this explanation –

Exercise Can’t Directly Reduce Extra Fat From Certain Body Parts


Certain workouts are specially meant for getting a six-pack, shaping the hips or slimming down the thighs. Of course, those workouts help to train the muscles with increased levels of blood flow. They are definitely effective for burning calories and muscle growth, but they cannot produce the direct result for targeted fat loss.

The fact is that losing weight is an integrated programme for the whole body. You cannot expect to reduce the fat from the targeted areas of your body until you reduce the overall percentage of fat from your body. Therefore, training the muscles solely cannot give you the desired result of targeted fat loss.

Accelerating Your ‘Stubborn’ Fat is Possible

If you are thinking that this article is written all about –“ targeted fat loss is impossible”, then you are wrong. Of course, you can get rid of the stubborn fat on your hip, bottom, lower back, thighs or other body parts. But a bunch of crunches for six pack or squats for leaner thighs are not enough.

What you need to do, is to choose the right procedure for fat loss. Try out the all-new technology of advanced compression and vacuuming. Our equipment the S120, L250 and Vacunaut make targeted fat loss possible. The equipment applies gentle negative and positive pressure during exercise for targeted fat loss Adelaide. However, you need to remember that using such equipment is not enough.

In order to get effective result on targeted fat loss Adelaide, you should combine something more.

How To Lose Stubborn Fat Faster With Low Impact Exercise

burn-belly-fatTo get FASTER result, you should  follow a combined fat loss process designed by HYPOXI. Along with using our equipment like the S120, L250 or Vacunaut, you need to practise low impact exercises. On one hand, being low in nature, you don’t need to face the risk of facing any injury for these exercises. On the other hand, they help you to improve the cardiovascular health, control blood sugar level while accelerating your weight loss process.

Maintaining Proper Diet Is Must


Obviously you cannot expect that a high-calorie, junk food habit would help to accelerate the process of targeted fat loss. If you are really eager to maintain your ideal weight and reduce those extra pounds, you must combine the process of low impact exercise, using right equipment and stay on less calorie intake. Maintenance of proper diet is a must for targeted fat loss Adelaide designed by HYPOXI.

Bottom line is – lose the target fat in the safest and most effective way by following HYPOXI’s unique training and nutrition strategy.

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