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Tips to Stay Fit This Summer

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Tips to Stay Fit This Summer

How to frame your workout plan?

When Summer has set in, the scorching heat of the sun is a major setback and most of us start to skip workout sessions. How to deal with the heat? Summer is considered to be the best time to lose weight. While you workout in this heat, here are a few precautions from the fitness experts which you can consider to stay fit in summer.


Before you step out, remember the heat can take a toll on your body.Depending on your fitness level, it is better to limit yourself to indoor workouts like gymming, aerobics, swimming and yoga. Fitness experts have voted for water aerobics and swimming during summer as they can do wonders to your cardiovascular system. Include water exercises in your summer workout plan as they are a great way to beat the heat. Along with that, remember to increase your workout intensity in summer gradually.  Allow your body to adjust to the rise in the temperature outside as a sudden increase might leave you dehydrated. Here at HYPOXI Studio North Adelaide we can help you with Cellulite Reduction and Weight Loss in Adelaide.

How important is it to keep yourself hydrated?


Staying hydrated is pivotal during the summer months. A lot of heat is generated in your body when you workout in summer and a lot of fluid can be lost from your body. Hydrating in a optimal way before the workout session helps your muscles to function at a high level well.  A dehydrated body can never accomplish workouts where a high energy output is required and will struggle to recover adequately.

Drinks to Opt for and Avoid

Make sure that the liquids you are sipping are beneficial to you. Here is a list which you might find interesting.


  • Milk-based drinks: It is better to consume dairy beverages post-workout than during or before the session. As milk has loads of protein, carbohydrates and fat it becomes a task to digest it.
  • Fruit drinks: Artificial fruit drinks should be strictly avoided as they contain man made sweeteners that can lead to serious liver problems and obesity. It is better to add fresh citrus fruits, berries, mint or basil leaves in water for flavour. Coconut water is a great way of restoring the electrolyte balance in your body
  • Alcohol and Caffeine: You cannot afford to sip alcohol even hours before, after or during the workout. This is dehydrating and is detrimental to your health. Hence boozing is a strict ‘NO’, as alcohol can completely mess up your workout session.  Caffeinated beverages are a diuretic, hence they should be avoided both before and after the workout
  • Carbonated Beverages: Fizzy drinks can cause bloating, abdominal pain and acidity. Diet cokes and sodas contain artificial sweeteners that can cause migraines, dizziness, memory loss and mood swings
  • Sports Drinks: It is better to avoid sports drinks as such drinks contain a huge amount of sugar. Though the drinks can add vitamins and electrolytes to your body, the abnormally high sugar present in it can severely affect your hormonal system. It is better to go for tomato juice as that can bestow you with potassium and natural sugars


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