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Top 3 Benefits of Low Impact Exercises

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Top 3 Benefits of Low Impact Exercises

Low impact exercise involves less direct force and puts less stress on the body which potentially reduces the risk of any injury. It considerably lessens the stress applied on the joints of the knees, hips, ankles and muscles. Low impact exercises have numerous health benefits and also aids in weight loss. Some of the Low Impact Exercises are speed-walking, stationary cycling, cross-training and more. For best Weight Loss Adelaide contact HYPOXI Studio North Adelaide

Enhances Cardiovascular Health– Low impact exercises are greatly beneficial for cardiovascular health as it helps to reduce LDC or bad cholesterol levels, enhances heart and lung function, control blood sugar and triglycerides and also aids in weight loss.

Eliminate Damage to Joints- One of the post popular benefits of low impact exercise that attracts many fitness enthusiasts to this form of exercise is that it causes the least damage to joints. It allows you to get similar benefits as traditional high impact exercises and helps in losing weight while keeping your major joints safe from injury.

Accelerate Weight Loss Process- Low impact exercise helps you lose calories with the least effort and aids in weight loss. With less calorie intake restrictions you can gain or maintain your ideal weight by doing low impact exercises. It is ideal for new moms who want to get rid of the baby fat and elderly people.

HYPOXI combines low impact exercises with advanced compression and vacuum technology making HYPOXI number one for Weight Loss Adelaide.

The equipment used by HYPOXI

The L250 – The L250 targets the hips, buttocks, lower stomach and thighs, by applying advanced vacuum therapy to these specific areas during the session.

The S120 – Through the application of gentle negative and positive vacuum pressure while you exercise, you’ll supercharge your workout to target stubborn fat and reduce cellulite around the hips, buttocks, lower stomach and thighs.

Vacunaut – The central feature of the Vacunaut is the complex network of 122 integrated pressure chambers which get to work on those stubborn areas of your midsection while you exercise. The Vacunaut is perfect for men and apple shaped woman.

HypoxiDermology – The central feature of the HDC is the complex network of 400 integrated pressure chambers located around the stomach, hip, buttock and thigh region. The HDC is perfect for lymphatic drainage and provides increased cellulite reduction & fat loss results.

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